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About Lorraine

Lorraine has been at the heart of the planning and delivery of the London 2012 Olympic security operation, the July 7 bombings, and the south-east Asian tsunami. All of these involved delivering long term strategies as well as intense crisis management activity.

In a career spanning more than 20 years of journalism, public relations, internal communication, stakeholder engagement and media handling, Lorraine has a depth of experience and judgement which has been tested in roles advising the most senior figures including Cabinet Ministers, senior public officials and CEOs in high profile public and private sector organisations including the Home Office, Foreign Office, Metropolitan Police Service and McDonald’s.

After graduating in journalism and developing a successful career in the profession, Lorraine moved to the Metropolitan Police Service, and was the media manager for Sir John (now Lord) Stevens before taking up a senior post handling media for sensitive and specialist counter-terrorism operations and incidents. Lorraine was also asked to lead the international communication operation for the disaster recovery activity that followed the Boxing Day tsunami, operating in highly challenging situations after being deployed to the ravaged Thai coast in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

In the challenging world of counter-terrorism, she delivered the global media handling that followed the July 7 terrorist outrage in central London in 2005, the July 21 failed terrorist attacks, and the subsequent airline bomb plot, which had it been successful would have been the UK’s most devastating ever terrorist incident.

Subsequently, Lorraine led the planning for the security communications activity for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, the biggest peacetime security operation in UK history, which involved the highest levels of Government, the entirety of UK policing, the Military and MoD as well as the security and intelligence agencies. She has also run the press office at McDonald’s, delivering its most successful communications campaign ever which helped rebuild its corporate reputation after several years of highly visible negative commentary.

She has continued to advise the Metropolitan Police as an independent consultant, including planning and directing the exercise’s media for the major counter terrorism exercise, Strong Tower which generated global media coverage and involved the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet and which tested all elements of UK crisis response, including COBR.

Lorraine has two Commendations from Metropolitan Police Commissioners, a PR Week award and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. 


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  • CIPR


  • Two Commissioner's Commendations from the Metropolitan Police
  • PR Week Award
  • Foreign Press Association award